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Strategic Planning

Novara GeoSolutions maintains a group of senior industry professionals at your disposal. This team is dedicated to helping you understand the multitude of business processes and technologies and how they all fit together into a comprehensive plan.

That plan can then be broken down over several budget cycles to allow for incremental “wins” that keep the ultimate goal in mind, yet roll out new process and technologies that can save you time and effort today.

Solution Design

Projects without solid design will cost more and take longer to complete than projects that are well planned out in advance. Our team of solution architects can help you build a solid plan that will guarantee your project succeeds on time and on budget.

We can accommodate both the waterfall and agile approaches in our project planning and include key elements of your standard IT methodologies into our designs.

Configuration & Customization

Whether it be a straight forward configuration of an off-the-shelf product, or a more complicated custom development effort, our team of software developers and implementation engineers will get it right the first time.

We maintain a diverse staff with expertise in a wide variety of GIS applications. Our staff also maintains a strong understanding of the Esri project suite and can help implement and configure those products as well.


Once the target system is designed and configured, the solutions undergo a robust factory testing process before being installed at the client location. Once the solution is ready for deployment, our team will come onsite and install the final configured solution onto your IT landscape.

It’s during this phase of the project we conduct the necessary knowledge transfer so the solution is understood and maintainable by your resident IT experts.

Solution Deployment

During the solution deployment we work with you to successfully integrate the final solution into your user’s daily workflows. Before going live, we conduct user acceptance testing to be sure the solution matches the design and ultimately the end users' expectations.

Typically at this time we also conduct end-user training as well as train-the-trainer classes. More recently, we have also been asked to help develop change management plans that help effectively communicate the full benefits of the new solutions to the line of business.

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